What is wrong with our society?

This is a common question we see today. It is a pretty normal thing to ask because we are witnesses of things that are sometimes dangerous and not only that. We can see some bizarre things on the news all the time. So as you can see, this question is not that hard to ask. What is wrong with our society? Have we gone down the stream? We need to understand that our society has changed a lot. The human race has become more violent and more dangerous even though we have modern principles of democracy and human evolution regarding science.

Why are we different?

Human population has evolved in many spheres of life. First of all, technology is all around us. In the past, we didn’t have the technology and to be honest; the killing was a natural process in human lives. Wars were constant, and of course, the level of spiritual development was really low. Years have passed, and human civilization has evolved. Now, we have modern types of democracy and technology. But we are somehow different. We are ill. There are modern diseases that weren’t out there in the past. What happened? The truth is, human population has grown. It has grown to the point that the Earth is overcrowded. Since wars are not a good idea for controlling population and are forbidden, people are allowed to multiply and develop. There isn’t enough food for everyone. This is the moment when science steps in.

To have enough food, humans realized that they need to increase the production of food. To do that, they had to modify plants to give more food. People are now eating food that is modified, and of course, it is not healthy. Wheat, for instance, is full of gluten which causes numerous diseases. Gluten was present in the original breeds of wheat but small numbers. This is why people didn’t have problems with gluten. And of course, they have eaten small amounts of bread in the past. Fruits and vegetables are being treated with chemicals to increase the income. The same thing goes for grains. People have domesticated livestock, and we have a constant source of meat. But with what cost? That meat is not safe to consume. It is also full of hormones and medication.


To be healthy, we need to eat organic and natural food that we find in the wild. This is the only way to stay healthy. It is difficult and expensive, but unfortunately, it is the only option. Your health matters. And we know that we are surrounded by technology, and we know that humans are evolving with the speed of light. The main problems are those modern diseases that are here because our lives are full of different types of radiation and chemicals. Our cells are constantly bombarded with dangerous things. We are surrounded by technology and advancement, but in return, we are very sick.

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