Via Verdi – The Best Wine Bar Outside Of Italy

Looking for great wine bars can be so difficult, and even more so when you live in the USA. Those lucky ba.. people, who live in Europe are swamped with quality wines out of small businesses, while we are condemned to cardboard boxes of wine that tastes like kerosene. To change that, a small yet constantly growing wine business and wine bar just opened up. Find out more in the text that follows!

Wine Bar Miami

We have already concluded that finding a wine bar in Miami is a lot more difficult than typing wine bar miami in google search box. However, when Jacob and Mary Grey were not satisfied with what Miami had to offer them, they decided to change something and do something about it. It is how they have decided to start a wine bar and in Miami no less! The wine bar was named Via Verdi, which in Italian means a green path. This meaning gives the note of freshness to this bar, and this is precisely what Miami needed.

What Can You Experience At Via Verdi?

At Via Verdi you can find many great and quality wines from around the world, but that is not all. Via Verdi offers a pleasant and unique ambient which will appeal to all those who are coming here straight after work for some unwinding and relaxation. It is also uniquely furnished, and it has a special charm like no other wine bar or restaurant in Miami. There are not many wine bars in Miami, but even if there were Via Verdi would stand out. Here you will experience the serenity and calmness that you can only find if you were to go on a holiday in Italy. Also, you will have the opportunity to hear delightful live music that is played by top musicians from the Old Continent. The wine bar Via Verdi also serves as a concert venue and can hold up to 100 people. It is such a miracle that we have such a gem here in Miami that we are grateful for the fact that we can enjoy something so wonderful as Via Verdi.

A Wine Bar For Your Wedding Venue?

It would not be the first time someone has asked Via Verdi to hold their reception. There are many wine bars and restaurants around Miami, but this one has absolutely everything you can hope for. In addition to that, the venue itself is completely whimsical and magical, so it is a great wedding venue. If you want to find out more or make arrangements, you can find all the details as well as contact info by visiting also the pictures, and the virtual tour will give you a sense of what you can expect from Via Verdi in case you have never been there before. Via Verdi is one of the greatest places in Miami for a wedding or otherwise, so make sure you visit it soon.

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