Top Reasons Why Everyone Hates CSGO Smurfs

For all of you who have experience with csgo, you probably already know about smurfs. While everyone uses this strategy for playing this game, it’s also one of the top by strategies among users. Today we will be talking about main reasons why using this strategy to play csgo is so frowned upon in the gaming community.

It Is Not Fair!

For many users this strategy doesn’t seem really fair. To be honest using csgo smurfs, is not what you should do in the game as well. It is just a strategy that people have devised in order to boost their confidence for play game on a lower level than their actual experience level is. In other words, the users that are paired with newbies, one have never been paired if they would use their actual profiles. The difference between the experience of users makes it much more difficult for new users to get by in the game, which is why many would consider this strategy unfair and unjust.

Just Because!

Many users play with csgo smurfs just because. This is perhaps the most annoying aspect about this strategy of playing the game. Many users will use this strategy in order to exercise their power over helpless players who are not as experienced as they are. This can make the game experience really frustrating on the players who are new to the game, and they may even risk to endanger their progress on their profiles. Many players do this in order to show that they are better than other players, but when you think about it, you are actually playing with users who are a lot more inexperienced and then you are, which makes it easy on you, but really difficult on them. You can never know when someone is playing as a csgo smurf, but what you can do is try not to play as one or use it for really enjoying the game rather than squishing others, and showing them your supremacy.

CSGO Smurfs

When Is It Okay To Play As A CSGO Smurf?

Then we also have instances when it absolutely okay to play this way. For example, some people who would like to enjoy the game and play with players who are not as experienced in order to relax for have an easier time playing. Also, some people may choose to use the Smurf strategy in order to avoid making undesirable changes into their existing profile. However, when you think about it, this strategy is really not something game designers have in mind because it is not possible for you to play on your level, and perhaps that’s why you should avoid using this strategy.


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