Are you tired of presbyopia? We have a solution for you!

You are tired of bad near vision, wearing eye glasses and having trouble with blurry vision or presbyopia? We have good news for you. The modern method of eye treatment brings us KAMRA Inlay. It will reduce all mentioned frustration and help you to restore near vision. It will help you to finally have a natural range of vision from  and you will eventually be able to get rid of the glasses.

How does it work?

This principle is quite simple, first of all, kamra inlay is placed in the first few layers of your eye, that is, in the cornea. Believe it or not, it is thinner than a contact lens; it looks like mini-ring with a pinhole or simply an opening in the center. This way you will be able to receive focused eye. We put the inlay only in one of your eyes. The other eye remains untouched. This way you are allowed to see close. For your distance maintaining, you’re, both eyes are responsible. Working as a team your both eyes are helping you to see near to far.

kamra inlay

Additional facts regarding KAMRA inlay

In some cases, you will still need to use reading glasses. On the other hand, it will restore your normal vision and long-term performance for clear near vision over time. This procedure is quick, and it will leave you with no stitches at all.

Recovery time

We need to tell you that recovery time varies from person to person. Usually, it should take about a day or two to get back to your everyday activities and routine. In some cases, you can expect a slight pain and eye dryness, discomfort, look red or burning but only during the recovery. It is also normal to have blurred vision or ghost images.

Before you decide to take this step, our advice is to consult with your doctor and see your options. He will tell you everything about advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of procedures. You can also read a lot on the internet and see what the other patient’s experiences are. Every doctor will first advise you to do an eye exam; here it is essential for it to be comprehensive and to help you to discuss your vision goals with the person who is an expert. With his professional opinion, you will be able to review the risks and the benefits of the procedure.

Reading blogs related to this procedure

Sometimes the best solution is to see what are other people’s experiences. You can find a lot of feedback and testimonials regarding KARMA inlay procedure. These testimonials will help you to decide. You can also find a lot of blogs where you can read content related to this type of subject and educate yourself before even decide to visit a doctor. On some sites, there is also a possibility to contact these patients directly in the form of chat and ask them about everything that makes a confusion in your head and causes doubts.


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