Things You Did Not Know About The Sex Pistols

Celebrating the 40 years since the birth of one of the most important musical trends in the world, we bring you the story of a bend that started it all! Even though they were active for a really short time and have managed to put out just a single album, they have created a lot of controversy in the music world and have definitely left a long lasting imprint in history and music.

How The Sex Pistols Came To Be?

It all started with a bunch of kids hanging around the McLaren’s Sex shop in London. McLaren saw his opportunity and offered to manage this band of troubled youth who definitely had potential.


The original band members were Steve Jones on the guitar and Paul Cook on the drums. Later on, the virtuoso on the bass joined in – Glen Matlock and McLaren asked John Lydon to become their lead singer.

The Diamonds In The Rough

The band had no previous musical background or experience, apart from one member and that was Glen Matlock. Nonetheless, if you think these boys just got together one day in the studio, you could not be more wrong. They practiced on their instruments day in and day out in their studio in London for two years before recording their first (and unfortunately last) album together as a band.

John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten, even took singing lessons and of course to him mostly goes the credit for the provocative lyrics for their music.


The bad boy image was definitely what they aimed for, and at one point due to conflicts in the band, Glen Matlock did not fit in this picture. He was swiftly replaced with the number one fan of the early Sex Pistols and Johnny Rotten’s bestie – John Richie better known as Sid Vicious.


Even though Sid lacked the talent on the instrument, he definitely had the persona which fit in with the image McLaren was trying to create for the Sex Pistols. However, Glen did record the majority of the album, because at the time Sid was unfortunately hospitalized. Sid became the true epitome of a rock star who lives fast and dies young, unfortunately ending his life too early.

Let’s Get Together

In 2006, finally the original band members managed to get back together and they went on a tour together. John Lydon, Paul Cook, Glen Matlock and Steve Jones toured like it was 1978 once again filled with energy and reminded the world that they still got what it takes. All of them now are still successful musicians working on their own individual projects.


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