How Does The Music You Listen To Define Who You Are?

Remember when we were kids how easy it was to make friends? First of all, all you had to do was go to a school or a practice where you can meet a lot of your peers and then ask them a simple question: “What kind of music do you like?” Then all you had to do after that is decide whether you are compatible based on the kind of music you like. But does a certain type of music really define who we are?

Of course not

The reason why kids and teenagers tend to pick people will be their friends based on their music taste is because it’s a normal stage at a person’s development.


However, even though we cannot judge people based on the type of music they listen to there are certain characteristics in each personality that may show through music taste.

Levels Of Energy

For example, people who need high levels of energy for enjoy feeling energized by music usually listen to songs that have higher speed and depth are perhaps loud.

This is why when you go to the gym you want be hearing any Slow-Motion songs, will you?

Romantic Songs

In contrast to that, when we are in a romantic setting or in a romantic mood we tend to listen to slower songs which will set the mood just right. Also, when people are sad or depressed they usually listen to sad songs.


Because they feel like the songs they are listening to and the music that they are listening to speaks to them of their own feelings and current state of their psyche.

Change Your Mood – Express Your Mood

All in all, music really gets to people and uplifting, cheerful music can often change your mood and make you feel better. The numerous sad love songs definitely showed that everyone goes to difficult emotional periods of time when they feel a certain way, and that many people feel this way as well. Music is there to change your mood or to express your mood but it is certainly there for a good cause, and it can help you express your feelings.


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