A facelift before you turn 40

Just a decade ago we could spot a bad facelift from a mile away. All those weird-looking looking faces which resemble a character from some alien movie could be seen everywhere. Aged men and women with strange smiles, tightened eyes occupied TV screens and tabloids. These were mostly people above 50 and older who wanted to rejuvenate their looks but ended up with an awkward face after a few trips to the plastic surgeon.

face-liftingBut times have changed. Technology is advancing, so are the surgical methods and facelifting is now a precise, safe and esthetically much more pleasing rejuvenating technique. More and more people choose to have their face corrected before they`ve reached a senior age. We asked a few renowned plastic surgeons, and they confirmed that more and more people who still have not reached the age of 40 walks into their office every day.

No more saggy faces

A lot of women told us how they hate the feeling they get when their peers look younger than them. They hate the hidden looks, comments behind the back and the fact that people use the“ma`am” label.  And they want to do something about it, to do a proper correction of the small wrinkles around the eyes or on the neck. Today, the right way to do this is a facelift.

Facelifting has a bit of a bad reputation, which grew during the years when we had a lot of bad examples in the media. But now, with modern tools and methods, plastic surgeons can do a subtle, yet effective and esthetically perfect procedure which will transform the way you look. So, no more depression every time you look in the mirror, just head out to a recommended surgeon for a Birmingham facelift.

Young women are getting younger

The bar has been lowered. What once were women in their 50`s, are women in the late 30`s and early 40`s. And even though modern beauty and lifestyle market offer a huge range of products which improve your look and regenerate your skin, facelifts are coming back with style. Experts state that having a facelift when you are younger, you have a very good chance to avoid a serious intervention when you get older. So, a minor and discreet intervention can do wonders for your look.

facelifting-1Surgeons now understand that simply lifting and stretching the skin as far as they can is not only counter-productive, but it creates ridiculous results. The “crazy pulled look” practice is now far behind us. Doctors have a much better understanding about bone structure, skin tension, and musculature. They can use minor, but effective incisions to produce excellent results.

A modern facelift will last longer and be much less visible, with a subtle, understated look. This is why many patients who are still in the prime of their lives, in the mid-30s even, choose to get a cosmetic intervention. As doctors would say: “Have a look in the mirror. Not the calendar.”

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