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When searching for a decent for a decent essay-writing agency you consider dozens of websites and offers, so why make a choice in favor of our company? We love what we do, but unlike zillions of other firms, we don’t like to boast things that don’t actually reflect the real state of affairs. We love when actions speak louder than words, therefore, let us share the real facts about, confirmed by heaps of testimonials and reviews.

We are confident in our skills
Unlike hundreds of 1-day enterprises, represents a leagl business with a brick and mortar office. As a legal business with 5+ years of track record we do have a permanent staff that is involved in daily work. Our staff, just like indicated in the description of service packages, is comprised of both master and bachelor-level experts. Yes, we do believe that a considerable company growth is only possible when top class services are provided. We cherish our reputation and neither keep employees with no background, nor cooperate with 3rd party performers. Each order placed on our website is backed by a quality guarantee. This is our word and core principle.

Quick turnaround

Even when you think that all hope is gone and there is no physical ability to hand in the writing paper on time, get in touch with our reps ASAP. We are good at working wonders, you know. Just drop in at our testimonials page – during the year of 2014 we’ve managed to meet 128 deadlines that were doomed to failure according to our customers. Despite the seeming difficulty of this or that writing job, our professional writers in nine cases out of ten are proven industry experts. Thus, our team is capable of pleasing you with a triple A quality piece of writing even faster than you can imagine. We never use plagiarized content, so before accepting the job you can freely check it for plagiarisms.

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We do have a comprehensive understanding of our target audience and we do realize perfectly that our customers are in the process of making it to the top. Therefore, we’ve done our best to cut down our pricing to the minimum possible level. With unsurpassed quality, a savvy refund policy and free of charge initial consultations, is, perhaps, the best company as for ‘price – value’ ratio. Moreover, you can take advantage of a wide array of payment systems – making a quick payment will never be a problem.

The advantages of our essay writing service

Outsourcing the mission to a team of seasoned professionals can hardly be referred to as cheating. Therefore, when a student is considering an option of delegating your writing mission to professional writers, the question of ethics arouses almost inevitably. Frankly speaking, much depends on the essay writing service you are playing the ball with: and definitely, cooperating with our writing geeks is absolutely fair and legal way to get things done. No playing behind the scenes – you get the desired job done in a transparent and legal way. It’s as easy as ABC, just like getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks or having your iPhone repaired for money.

We do help students that need assistance badly. The nowadays educational system adopted in the overwhelming majority of states is far from being a perfection. For numerous reasons accomplishing a coursework writing a research paper or composing a book report can turn to an extremely complicated mission. The mentor may be so abominated by the topic, so the pressure on the student will be unbearable, the student may spend long hours at actual work; unexpected issues may also happen: from an HDD went out of order to simple inability to find comprehensive resources to deliver the job on time. The reasons vary, but you don’t have to worry about the circumstances that led you to our website. Our staff is comprised of seasoned experts, ready to take your writing headaches and implement the job in a quick and diligent way. From bachelors to masters – feel free to choose the level of expertise you’d like to be reflected in your work. Accordingly, we provide assistance with writing jobs of any complexity.

Why make choice in favor of

Proficiency in academic writing is another major strong suit of our essay writing service. As we never hire students or individuals without proper skills, you can be 100% sure that the paper is written in strict accordance with academic writing guidelines and recommendations.

The high quality results are backed by double-checking, staff competence and strict inner rules that imply taking drastic measures in case plagiarisms are detected. Actually, the plagiarism-free principle lies within the foundation of our company: we are the adherents of original content purified from any grammar or syntactic mistakes as well as any forms of plagiarisms. All the 3rd party materials are indicated in the list of references or a separate section depending on the requirements.

A piece of writing you receive represents a unique product designed to be used only once: we never reuse the works or copy ready sections – this is our fundamental position. Our agency guarantees that all the works provided to customers are subjected to reworking, rewriting or modifying (the corresponding item is indicated in the contract for your legal safety).

Our essay writing service is particularly valued for quick turnaround – even when it seems that the deadline failure is inevitable, get in touch with our reps and share as much details as possible – we are good in working wonders, just check our testimonials page.

Finally, ESSAYOBSESSION.COM sticks to a reasonable, transparent and cost-effective pricing policy. We understand our mission perfectly and know that our target audience is not making millions so far, so unlike dozens of our competitors we keep prices at a minimum possible level.

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